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Hand-woven Clutch bag


This one of a kind clutch bag is the result of mixing cotton, linen, ribbon and different acrylic fantasy fibers all in a creamy-white palette.

It is lined with pure silk, structured with fusible interfacing directly in contact with the weaving work and sew-in interlining between both; enough to be firm but without losing its natural feel.

A little bit rustic but with a touch of glamour… it has some loose sticking out fibers that are the result of the weaving technique.

Hope you like it and have a great worker day!

clutch bag


Mathematics nature and crochet

Look at this amazing theory and art show I’ve found on Twitter… 

I saved the last phrase on it ………..”playing with ideas”


Etsyday or… #etsyday

Yesterday was the “etsyday”… and the goal was to spread the word all around the globe about what Etsy is… There were lots of actions as sales, discounts and free shippings in lots of shops but also specials treasuries (as the ones I show you here from Etsyinspanish team) for the ocassion… but the “real action”  happened on Twitter.


The idea was to tweet messages with #etsyday and hopefully we could reach being in the topics trends… but the surprise was we made it to the first place!etsyday21


It was amazing because we saw how powerfull a simple message  can be if everyone works as a time it almost at the same time… imagine a lots of artisans,artists, photographers, crafters… behind their computers trying to let the world know about their business… it was BIG!

I think being the first trending topic, at least people who were connected at that time were wondering what Etsy is about…. and that was exactly the point..

Personally I promoted people without a sale (and things I saw in the pounce section of Etsy… but only the ones I liked;)) and I also made a little list with some of their creations on This Next  and I also promoted latin american crafters (searching for locations) and people from Etsyinspanish team… group I belong to. Obvisouly I promoted my handmade store and my vintage store.

It was funny  because at one moment I was on the top trendsetters… so I realized I have never spent so much time behind the computer… but I still thinking it was very collaborative and with a lot of “community” sense.

The best was seing some of the people I was recommended making their first sale and also making a lot of contacts…

Have a nice weekend!

twitter-etsyday1   etsydaytwittertrendsetter


Work in progress

guarda pampa

This week I’ve decided to take my aboriginal loom again and although it was slightly  locked at first once I started to weave was easier than ever…I’m happy! and one more in progress … Now it’s time to finish some …


But it is nice to see these designs again!
On the other hand I feel that is a very organic form of weaving that requires a physical contact with the loom and also because everything I use it comes from nature… for example the sticks to separate the threads I picked  in Patagonia, Argentina  …No doubt I enjoy it more and more at everytime I weave I wish this happen more often …

New product for musicians


As my partner is a musician and I saw  many times that he lost the  plectrum(pick), so I made him this pick-holder…as I saw  it was very practical, I made a series for the shops… and it is really good for me, because when I get tired of knitting or crocheting I can alternate with this kind of works although manuals , less demanding in concentration

They are all made in recycled leather (leather remnants that people to have given me) and painted by hand.
You can customize it as you want!
Hope you like them!
Here I show you some of them, I will update little by little to etsy to dawanda and my flickr!



Interviewed by Etsy in Spanish Team

Today I’m writing to tell you I was interviewed by Etsy in Spanish blog…!! so if you want to know me a little bit more go and read it 🙂
Have a nice weekend!!


My baskets in Etsy’s frontpage!!!

wowowow I’m so happy!! my baskets were in Etsy’s frontpage yesterday……….. and they looked awesome!

etsy fronptage 14 april


Ma boutique en français

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