How to organize yourself to finish more projects!

How many times have you found yourself struggling in your projects and frustrated because you can’t finish them?

I’ve found pretty difficult to start and finish one project without wasting time in small things or being stacked sometimes because I don’t receive findings in time or I can’t decide which fabric I’m going to use to line something for example.

So the easier and more effective way I tried was dividing projects into small parts and carrying with four or five at the same time… and lately I decided to write the time I pass in each one to know if this I’m charging is ok or not.

 So at the time I have:

  1. A scarf I finished yesterday in the loom ( I show it at the end of the post) and now I’m thinking about what is going to be next because the loom is free again.
  2. A series of bracelets I have in the vertical loom (work in progress 75% and I must finished today or tomorrow) and then add the findings of course.
  3. A bolero/shrug I am knitting with circular needles (work in progress 70%) maybe for this weekend is finished.
  4. A clutch bag which I finished the fabric (hand-woven in the loom) but I have to dye a fabric and I don’t have a proper pot I’m sure I’m going to find it, but up to this moment I’m thinking of ordering more frames because I really enjoyed to make this bags

So, for example this scarf it took me 10 hours to finish it but I have to say that with my loom it is impossible to weave for more than 2 hours because my back suffers a lot… as a consequence this work was finished in one week* thi s is also great to know if somebody asks you for a custom order… and you can know in how much time you are going to deliver it.

Tell me more about your experiences… it is always useful to know!

Have a great day

 grey hand-woven scarftransparences from my loomecharpe tissée à la main


4 Responses to “How to organize yourself to finish more projects!”

  1. May 8, 2009 at 10:30 am

    jajajaja lo que mas gracia me da es que vengo a leer este post cuando estoy con una lista al lado de las cosas que tengo que hacer, entre ellas tu emails… traducciones, fotos que procesar, lana que comprar, botones que lijar… tengo una pila de cosas que van y vienen… y como no llego mas al atico que es donde yo tenia mi oficina (con un hijillo y muchas escaleras, no es recomendable), uso la mesa del comedor… y voy y vengo con cajas y cajitas y cosas que se van convirtiendo en una montania… y mi marido que me mira desesperado.
    Que telar tenes?? yo me traje uno de ARG. Un telar europeo pero de mesa digamos, transportable. A mi me lleva mas tiempo cortar todos los hilos a medida y ponerlos que tejer en si… pero necesito seguro por lo menos medio dia de trabajo ininterrumpido… lo cual tampoco sucede muy seguido con el enano queriendo “ayudar”.
    Yo quiero aprender a tejer con las agujas esas circulares y al crochet… 🙂

  2. May 8, 2009 at 10:40 am

    y si… eso es tipico, imaginate yo que vivo en un depto chiquito, si no me organizo no podria vivir…
    Tengo un telar chiquito y transportable tambien que me presto una amiga ARG que vive aca y que ahora le quiero comprar porque me resulta muy util…y si, enhebrarlo es lo mas trabajoso, pero es parte…
    okok prometo posts dedicados a vos de como tejer con las agujas circulares y algo de crochet 😉

  3. May 8, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    Yo tengo varios links de lugares donde venden lana que tambien venden telares y demases… digo por las dudas por si te piace…

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