Interviewing Mariana Ciliberto aka Florcita


Do you remember I wanted to feature an artist per week? being realistic I realized it was impossible but I’m going to do it every single time I can. 

shiborired4Today we are going to know more about Mariana Ciliberto aka Florcita. I’m a fan of her and I discover her works in Dawanda, then I realized she is an argentinian as well, and we met again on Flickr, so I asked her for this interview and today we are going to learn her passions and works… Beautiful felted art!

Personal information:little forest2

My name is Mariana Ciliberto. I’m married to a Dutch man whom I met on
vacation in Firenze, Italy. A few years later, and after many a romantic
attempt to lure me to Europe, I left everything (including university,
job, apartment, family, friends…) back in Argentina and moved here to
The Netherlands. We have a 3 year old son, Sebastián, whom speaks
non-stop in 3 languages.
We live in a small town in southern NL, only a few meters from Germany
and a few km from Belgium. We consciously chose to live in a little town
because it fits with the way we want to live our life: surrounded by
nature, in an easy going environment enjoying the “good life”.

What kind of craft do you do?

Ever since I was a little girl I have been involved with artsy stuff.grey and red wrap1 My parent’s house’s walls were my first canvas but since then I’ve taken
workshops on ceramics, puppet making, drawing, photography, weaving,
etc. A few years ago I stumbled upon wet felting and I was immediately
hooked. I’ve always liked playing with wool and I even carried my own
loom all the way from Argentina. But this new technique – new for me but
with thousands of years of history- allows me to discover and
experiment the great versatility of such noble material such as wool.

When have you started and why?
A few years ago I received an invitation from our local Cultural
centre to a 3hours workshop on hand made felt. I didn’t know much about
it bit I went anyway. My theory has always been that if I wanted to
adapt to this country, I had to participate as much as I could fromOrange dalia2 things happening around me. So there I went, and I came out with a car
trunk full of wool and very anxious to learn more.
It did fulfil it’s purpose down the line because through wet felting I
have met lots of people and it has helped me made a niche for myself in
this society.

What are you inspired by?
I don’t think there is one thing that inspires me. I find that the more
I work, the more ideas I get. I suppose then that everything around me
inspires me… what I see, read, draw… life itself!

What do you enjoy the most with this activity?
What I like the most about wet felting is that, once you learnt and
understood the secrets of the technique, the versatility of the wool
allows you to produce a broad range of objects: from practical daily
life objects, clothing, shoes…to art installations.
Furthermore, I love experimenting with wool and other materials such asblack and white tulips handfelted scarf5 wood, metal, leather or glass. It enriches you as an artisan as you
learn the properties of different materials.

What are your future plans?

I hope to have the chance to keep learning from my work and from
others more experienced in the field. I hope I can develop my own unique
style with which I can feel comfortable and represented.
Finally, I hope to further cement the basis of my craftsmanship and from
there keep exploring the broad world of creativity. One nerver stops learning.
Website: www.florcita.eu
Shop: http://en.dawanda.com/shop/florcita
Blog: www.florcitasart.blogspot.com
Non artistic blog (in spanish): www.polosciclotimicos.blogspot.co


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