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A custom poncho

This is the first time I make something to order and in a virtual way… and I have to say I’m overwhelmed with the experience!

A client who bought a bag from my shop at Dawanda last year ordered this poncho she saw I had sold out two months ago.

It was great not only because I love when a client come back, but also I love when they know what they want.

So… I bought the yarns and they arrived really fast from England. I started to work after she approved the colors (I sent two options and she could choose) and she decided the palest ones (I agree this is a beautiful combination…) pale green cotton, lilac ribbon bamboo and a crazy yarn full of texture and colors… lovely!

So, here it is… and now the poncho is going to live in Austria… thanks to this kind customer 🙂



The rings

Today I’m going to show you the rings from the Bijoux Mapuche collection. I’ve made three and as I choose the threads one by one while weaving I can change all the motif from time to time… It is great to make a variety of them for the series..; I hope you like them!

Tejido mapuche2


Interviewing Nubia Gonçalves of Danugs- Brazilian Jewelry

Nubia Gonçalves

As I told you this is a week dedicated to Brazil… today we are going to meet Nubia Gonçalves who manage a beautiful shop called Danugs and I love everything on it…  the natural feeling and the colors of this jewelry with a chic touch.

I have to accept I’m a big fan of Brazil, and I always thought the stork was confused… she deposited me in the country next door…:)

So, let’s know a little bit of her and her wonderful world of charming jewelry..!


My name is Nubia Gonçalves. This is how I usually sign my name. It’s shorter than my full name Nubia Maria Massena Nubia Gonçalves2Gonçalves.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and still live here.  I am married and I have a son and a daughter. My daughter is 28 years old and is an industrial designer. She was born in England during the time my husband and I were studying there. My son is 27 ears old and already married. He has a degree in Business Administration and works in an American Consulting Company in São Paulo. My husband is a University Professor on Business Administration.

We live in Copacabana, just by the beach. We can see it from our window and I love the view, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It also gives me a sense of freedom and it is so nice to breathe nature so closely.

What do you do? What kind of craft?

I always loved language, literature and arts. I have a B.A. degree in Language and Literature and while living in England I studied Speech Therapy. I also studied Arts and Painting in the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, in Rio de Janeiro. Painting is one of my dearest hobbies.

I worked for 21 years in a Brazilian NGO – Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analysis – IBASE. I was the

Nubia Gonçalves1

coordinator for the institutional relations and was responsible for preparing, sending, negotiating and administrating the institutional projects.

Right after I retired, about a year ago, I took Simultaneous Translation classes and this is my main activity at this moment. I work in Conferences, Meetings and Seminars translating all sorts of themes. It is a very demanding work, we need to have deep concentration in the booth but I really enjoy doing it.

Designing and making jewelry is something quite new for me and it is an ongoing learning. I read and researched a lot about it before starting and still do. I love to work with natural and organic materials. Brazil is very rich in this respect

and has so many beautiful seeds, wood and gemstones. Making jewelry, nowadays, is my favorite activity.

Why have you chosen natural materials?

Nubia Gonçalves4

This is not an easy question as I really don’t know how to answer it. Maybe it was because all these natural beauties fascinate me. The colors, the forms, the textures, they all have such a fresh feeling of nature. It amazes me how nature is so diverse and at the same time so unique and delicate. They are a constant surprise and I feel a great  sense of pleasure to combine these different materials like  seeds or dried fruits with a stone or a pearl and end up with a simple and yet elegant and unusual piece.

And there is also the question of sustainability regarding these materials. They are environmentally friendly and arecollected from the ground by local communities. This is their livelihood and it gives me great satisfaction to have them as main suppliers and support their work buying their products.

When did you start? Why?

As I mentioned before, this is very new for me. I started after retiring about a year or so ago. I always loved art andbesides my painting I thought I had do something else in relation to it. At first I wanted to use my paintings and transform them into jewels but I couldn’t find a way to do it. Then I started to look around me and saw that there were already so many beautiful and natural things that I didn’t need to create anything, they were there, just in front of my eyes! All I had to do was to join them and develop something with them! And it makes so happy to know that people around the world appreciate and are wearing my jewels!

Nubia Gonçalves3

What are you inspired by?

I am inspired by the forms, the colors and the textures of nature; by the people, by the cities, sounds, smells, just about everything. I love the sense of balance and unbalance of things. Movements, lines, figures etc etc etc. Maybe I could

say that life itself is my greatest inspiration.

What are your future expectations?

I would love to continue and develop other skills regarding jewelry design and making. I am planning on start studying metalsmithing and design and to be able to combine silver, copper and other metals with the materials I’ve been already using. I still want to find a way to use my paintings in my jewels and I hope to find the way for doing it.

I am always planning or dreaming about something. Dreams are the motor for our accomplishments.






Campana’s brothers -Sustainable design

This week I’m in a Brazilian mood… and you are going to see why…

Last week I saw a documentary about this two Brazilian brothers , Fernando and Humberto Campana, one of them is a lawyer and the other en architect and both present us great designs with non-traditional and recycled materials. They design mainly sofas and chairs, all of them very smart made.

As they said in the interview, living in Brazil let them play with lot of colors and materials and techniques they saw with local artisans.

Here I’m going to show you some models, but don’t miss their site an example of quality.

Lately I’ve found myself very worried about all the trash we are making… and I have decided to keep all the boxes, bottles and pots..; so I realized that sometimes we can re use them to keep safe our crafty staff, but then.. the rest… is simply a lot!  That’s why I’m thinking about starting a new project just with recycled materials… I don’t have a clear idea of what to do yet, but I feel I need to do it.

So, here we go…



This is one of my favorites… full of colors and texture… made with lots of materials and I don’t know why I imagine must be really comfortable sitting down in one of them…



This is another of my favorites… it is made of rest of wood and they say is like people of the favelas in Sao Paulo use to make their houses…



It looks very sumptuous but is just rope!! I think this chair might fit in every space… a hotel, a bar, a house, I found it very versatile and fashion..



The most extravagant… well, I was impressed by the imagination of the authors… but I cannot be sitting over these little creatures… 🙂

What do you think?


New Mapuche bijoux collection

Past weekend was a little strange… first of all I missed the event of Knit in Public, due to my insomnia on Saturday…when I woke up it was very late to go, and I was very tired, so sadly I looked on the Internet for another events in Paris and I found this event of independent designers where I found Lygo a cooperative that sells little things made by African people, in their continent… so if you buy something from them is a pure fair trade… I thought I’ve seen them before, and effectively I did it in “A little market” a french platform to sell handmade… if you speak the language go and publish there, is little but friendly..;

So…. I came to present the new line of Mapuche bijoux I’ve made… this time is a more “unisex” one made in contrasting colors and with a little more rough texture that the one before…. here I show you two bracelets, but I have made more rings this time… I’ll show them in the next posts…


Inteviewing Maria Goti

Maria Goti

Hey everyone… it seems today I had insomnia, so I put it in somthing productive… is very early in Paris and the sun is already here!!! 🙂

Today I’m going to introduce you Maria Goti a spanish girl who have surprised me first with the excelent quality of her work and then with her age… she’s only 23! and full of talent… Read more and you’ll discover what am I talking about…

Personal information:

My name is María and I’m 23. I was born in Oviedo but since I was 2 I live in Navia, a little village in the north of

Asturias, Spain. When I finished my bachelor studies I went back to Oviedo for studying Jewelry and Gemology for 3Maria Goti1years at the University. Once I finished I decided to start my own jewelry workshop and although at the beginning I thought that it was fantastic having it at home, in 1-2 months I’m going to have a workshop with showroom at the center of Navia, wide and comfortable so everyone can go to see me working or make an order.

What do you do you exactly?

My work is basically handmade jewelry. Each piece that I design is handcrafted by me. The main metal I use is silver with its different finishes (polished, oxidized, textured…) but I’m starting to include gold. I like the contrast between polished gold and black silver. I love experimenting with new materials so I combine silver with natural gemstones, pearls, ebony, resins, felt… Or any other item that I find useful. I try to make modern and contemporary jewelry, reflecting my style and offering something different.

When did you start?

Maria Goti3As I said before once I finished my jewelry studies I decided to start my own business. At the beginning I wasn’t sure but my parents convinced me. All the jobs offered to me were really bad so I finally get the decision. Now, three years have passed and I’m very happy with my election. Jewelry is a difficult “world” but with effort everything is possible. The first piece I made was a pair of earrings for one of my aunts and I thought that I would never repeat them; but they had a great success so I’m still making them. Sometimes something so simple becomes really eye-catching.

What are you inspired by?

Some days ago, we talked about this in a Flickr group where I participate… and is something that a lot of people ask me and I always answer them that sometimes I can stay sitting for hours in front of a piece of paper and I’m not able to draw something good, but maybe I’m in the shower and a lot of ideas come to me.

In other occasions I get inspired while I’m working on something and the material “tells me” what to do. Picasso said that inspiration only comes if you are working, and I totally agree. The best thing is trying, trying and insisting.Maria Goti2

What do you enjoy the most?

The thing I like the most is the freedom of being able to do what I really like. There are so many possibilities that there wouldn’t be time enough in the world to making them all real. Is great being capable to make something from a block of silver, people can appreciate and wear.

What are your future expectactions?

In a near future, the first is setting up the workshop-showroom, spacious enough to allow me work in everything I Maria Goti4want. Now I’m a little limited because I haven’t enough space so I can’t wait to moving. Once I’ll do that my intention is continuing working, including new techniques and materials, finishing my web site and keep participating in Craft Fairs and Expositions. I also have a project for starting an association with two partners, related to handcraft-women in my city. Women are always in disadvantage in every work but it seems that with artisan work is worse. Some people don’t understand that this is a job like others, and that we also have responsibilities, taxes and payments. And being a woman you’ll also will listen comments like “it’s great doing these things at your free time!!” or “and your mommy doesn’t help you?” This is something that we need to change.

I participated in:
2008 Turicom ’08, Gijón. 24, 25 y 26 de Octubre.
2008 detiQueta ’08, Gijón. 15 y 16 de Noviembre.
2008 Feria de la Constitución, Luarca. 6, 7 y 8 de Diciembre.
2008 Feria de Navidad, Navia. 27 y 28 de Diciembre.
2009 Feria de Reyes, Vegadeo. 3, 4 y 5 de Enero.
2009 Feria de Semana Santa, Tapia. 9, 10 y 11 de Abril.
2009 AgroArte, Navia. 8 y 9 de Mayo.
2009 Feria de Muestras de Otur. 15, 16 y 17 de Mayo.
2009 Feria de Muestras de Vegadeo: 11, 12, 13 y 14 de Junio.



Recycled necklace and a summery-like bolero

As I told you I had a very productive week and today I show you two of my creations in one.. 😉

First a bolero I have made for the fall season and I loved it so much that I decided to repeat it… but the new verVanilla bolerosion is in cotton… and in a beatiful vanilla color…

I like the feminine style of it…

Fresh and very wearable, it can be used in almost every situation… because is elegant and casual at the same time…

Then, the other creation is a challenge for me… I absolutely love vintage buttons and every time I go to a flea market I die for them… espcially the big ones…

These are a group that Estela, a friend who lives in Buenos Aires gave it to me before I left Argentina, and I have kept them for a long time waiting for “the idea” of what to do with them… and today I found the shape very simmilar to a shell, so I have made a necklace… it was very strange because at first I found it weird, and little by little is like he is speaking to me, and I like it more and more…possibly because I had to think a lot about to respect the shape and give a good shape to the object…. and after hours of working I just couldn’t keep looking at it… but when I made the photos… I rediscover it and I loved the fact of give him “life” … rescuing buttons from a box…. so,now I’m a big fan of this project and I have bought a lot from Ebay, and today I receive them…. I was absoultely delighted to see all these colors and shapes… I hope to make some interesting things with them…



Ma boutique en français

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