Inteviewing Maria Goti

Maria Goti

Hey everyone… it seems today I had insomnia, so I put it in somthing productive… is very early in Paris and the sun is already here!!! 🙂

Today I’m going to introduce you Maria Goti a spanish girl who have surprised me first with the excelent quality of her work and then with her age… she’s only 23! and full of talent… Read more and you’ll discover what am I talking about…

Personal information:

My name is María and I’m 23. I was born in Oviedo but since I was 2 I live in Navia, a little village in the north of

Asturias, Spain. When I finished my bachelor studies I went back to Oviedo for studying Jewelry and Gemology for 3Maria Goti1years at the University. Once I finished I decided to start my own jewelry workshop and although at the beginning I thought that it was fantastic having it at home, in 1-2 months I’m going to have a workshop with showroom at the center of Navia, wide and comfortable so everyone can go to see me working or make an order.

What do you do you exactly?

My work is basically handmade jewelry. Each piece that I design is handcrafted by me. The main metal I use is silver with its different finishes (polished, oxidized, textured…) but I’m starting to include gold. I like the contrast between polished gold and black silver. I love experimenting with new materials so I combine silver with natural gemstones, pearls, ebony, resins, felt… Or any other item that I find useful. I try to make modern and contemporary jewelry, reflecting my style and offering something different.

When did you start?

Maria Goti3As I said before once I finished my jewelry studies I decided to start my own business. At the beginning I wasn’t sure but my parents convinced me. All the jobs offered to me were really bad so I finally get the decision. Now, three years have passed and I’m very happy with my election. Jewelry is a difficult “world” but with effort everything is possible. The first piece I made was a pair of earrings for one of my aunts and I thought that I would never repeat them; but they had a great success so I’m still making them. Sometimes something so simple becomes really eye-catching.

What are you inspired by?

Some days ago, we talked about this in a Flickr group where I participate… and is something that a lot of people ask me and I always answer them that sometimes I can stay sitting for hours in front of a piece of paper and I’m not able to draw something good, but maybe I’m in the shower and a lot of ideas come to me.

In other occasions I get inspired while I’m working on something and the material “tells me” what to do. Picasso said that inspiration only comes if you are working, and I totally agree. The best thing is trying, trying and insisting.Maria Goti2

What do you enjoy the most?

The thing I like the most is the freedom of being able to do what I really like. There are so many possibilities that there wouldn’t be time enough in the world to making them all real. Is great being capable to make something from a block of silver, people can appreciate and wear.

What are your future expectactions?

In a near future, the first is setting up the workshop-showroom, spacious enough to allow me work in everything I Maria Goti4want. Now I’m a little limited because I haven’t enough space so I can’t wait to moving. Once I’ll do that my intention is continuing working, including new techniques and materials, finishing my web site and keep participating in Craft Fairs and Expositions. I also have a project for starting an association with two partners, related to handcraft-women in my city. Women are always in disadvantage in every work but it seems that with artisan work is worse. Some people don’t understand that this is a job like others, and that we also have responsibilities, taxes and payments. And being a woman you’ll also will listen comments like “it’s great doing these things at your free time!!” or “and your mommy doesn’t help you?” This is something that we need to change.

I participated in:
2008 Turicom ’08, Gijón. 24, 25 y 26 de Octubre.
2008 detiQueta ’08, Gijón. 15 y 16 de Noviembre.
2008 Feria de la Constitución, Luarca. 6, 7 y 8 de Diciembre.
2008 Feria de Navidad, Navia. 27 y 28 de Diciembre.
2009 Feria de Reyes, Vegadeo. 3, 4 y 5 de Enero.
2009 Feria de Semana Santa, Tapia. 9, 10 y 11 de Abril.
2009 AgroArte, Navia. 8 y 9 de Mayo.
2009 Feria de Muestras de Otur. 15, 16 y 17 de Mayo.
2009 Feria de Muestras de Vegadeo: 11, 12, 13 y 14 de Junio.



2 Responses to “Inteviewing Maria Goti”

  1. June 15, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Thanks a lot for this interview!!
    It was a pleasure for me Anabel 🙂

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