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Chouette: Wool 100%

Last week I saw this film: Wool 100%  directed by Mai Tominaga. So yeah, the film is a little weird and obviously not to seat on the sofa with a big pop-corn aside but totally recommended to watch it while knitting.

Has lot of sweet moments, it is like a fairy tale in a crazy way.

I’ll let you the trailer for you to decide if follow the craziness of Tominaga or not.


Interviewing Muriel Clemenceau of MuJoyas

Today I start again with the series of interviews I was running… summer is gone, and I have more time to dedicate to my blog.

This year interviews are going to be sligthly different… in a shorter format and I challenged the designers to send me a picture of only one of their creations, one of themselves, one of their studios and one of a place they have loved.

So, I’m going to introduce you Muriel Clemenceau, of Mujoyas a (very young!) argentine designer. I met her in the Etsy in Spanish Team and I admire a lot her work specially this lovely pendant I die for.

Enjoy the interview! (translated by  me)

Where are you from and where do you live?

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What do you create and whit what kind of materials?

I design and make jewelry in 925 sterling silver, I also include in some of them another materials as stones and fabrics but always focusing them on silver.

I love to create pieces that are not only to look at them, also to interact, play and get involved with. My idea is to offer something else than a “beautiful” piece. I currently have two lines that respond to this idea: sliders , where different characters engraved on silver that can “move” over the piece and recreational jewels: they are kind of small games that invite you to play with.

What is your favorite product on your store and why?

Right now my favorite product is the drawer ring, I like the idea of a minimal volume, so simple but yet you’re surprised to discover that there is a “drawer” and that even fits on your finger.

What is your favorite media communication to advertise your products and why?

The first thing I created was a blog, but I also have a Flickr and Twitter account, in addition to the store.I think my blog is a good catalog of my work, I always suggest to people who don’t know my creations to see it there so they have a general idea of what I make. For my shop I use more Flickr and Twitter.


Muriel's favorite place: Upsala Glaciar, El Calafate, Argentina.

Muriel's favorite place: Upsala Glaciar, El Calafate, Argentina.


Mapuche jewelry collection 09/10

Hi, hope you all had got a great weekend!

Today I’m going to show you my new collection of Mapuche bijoux… if you are one of my fans on facebook for sure you have seen it before.

This collection is made with more traditional colors, even if is not exactly how they use to make their artesanias… due to the color base was white or cream. But I love this combination and I feel it really appropriate for fall season.

This time threads are all cotton, (it was a client’s suggestion and I feel it right) and I’ve made also earrings… they are so unique that I’m sure you are going to love them.

For now not all the collection is published on my shops, but little by little I’m updating and you’ll see it this week available for sale…

Enjoy and have a good week!

Tejido mapuche 09_10


Yvon Taillandier

I can say this is going to be like a visual tour by the corners of Paris… living here is a good way to show you a little bit of some other places than the Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower even if I love it as you do… but is like the “off the beaten path” I want to offer you the possibility of having some insights in a city full of art and crazy things…

As I’m not a full time blogger this can happen just today or very often, only the Universe knows… 😉

So yes, the other day walking around with me lovely husband we discover this wall in Rue de L’agent Bailly 9eme arrondissement…

(see the link to have a street view)
Agrandir le plan
…full of great, crazy drawings all around the wall… and happily it was a little piece of wood with the name of the author in a tiny window… “Yvon Taillandier”.

Yvon Taillandier

Parisian, 82 years old and still working, he says he doesn’t like going around very often.

He was the inventor of these characters and use a particular language to call them: eg “capidipedes” are characters without trunk … or “altistes” that lovers have a trunk height to infinity.

Discover a little more from him and the magic of his drawings on his web site:


Rustic body, soft in essence

Today I’ll show you two finished products…

One of them is a revisited poncho of this one but in pastels colors and not fringes.  You’ll tell me which version you prefer. Both of them are made with the same motif and concept rustic wool as the main ones and softer delicate ones in the interior…

  Poncho granny style

And followinf with the rustic concept and suave feeling I’m going to show you this scarf I made for a friend that has helped us a lot since we are in France, so Benoît is the new owner of this echarpe that I see more and more as a disctintive piece in my shops and a unisex option with a lot of personality.

Unisex scarf


Chouette! New section on my blog

Now, everyone is back from their vacations and starting to work “hard” … I’m full of ideas that I have been developed in the summer … has been quite productive, indeed …

I present you the new section, called “Chouette” that actually means “owl” but the frenchies use it to say that something is beautiful or brilliant or spectacular … if you see something you like … you should say “Owl!” ahhaha it’s something that amused me greatly when I learned it  and now it’s part of my life …

Today, I show you this super idea that  transported me back to the past, reminded me very much when I was very little and played with my little neighbours to “the supermarket”, and it took us three hours to build it up to play just twenty minutes…

The site is called Supermarket Sarah, and shows a series of vintage articles that can be purchased by clicking directly on the page which Sarah sale in Portobello Market (London) visit her site because it is wonderful how it’s done with little budget and lot of imagination … what do you think?



Ma boutique en français

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