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News of last week

Hi there, how are you? Here in Paris Autumn is giving us lovely sunny warm days and I’m delighted…

I wanted to show you my new “sweet nostalgie” scarf I’ve made in two colors : ecru and oatmeal…

They are very versatile and you can see more pictures in my flickr or facebook page

Hope you enjoy them,

sweet nostalgie (oatmeal)sweet nostalgie (ecru)


Les Mégères

Since last friday16/10/2009 Les Mégères (16, rue de Cotte 75012, Paris France) is opened! Nathalie Tellalian has been working hard , searching for artists and indie designers to offer us an eclectic and unique mix of great products, for everyone (kids, women and men) and a great variety of little gifts as well as wonderful garments.

Nathalie has given me this tremendous opportunity joining them in her adventure with some of my products, so now when you came to Paris, don’t forget to visit and shop in this very exclusive boutique…

I’m very thankful to her and to all the people who support me (close and far away) in this important moment.



Tango and more vestiges…

This week I’m finished a new scarflette of my collection that was very easy to name… I called it Tango … its net is like the ones you can see in tango women dancer’s tights and the colors are very typical and passionate ones.

tango scarflette by anasousa

Then I sold all my unisex hand-woven scarves (oh yeah!) and I had to make one very quickly (I’ll tell you more in the next post ;))), so I did a grey one but this time I used a thread in blue cobalt (such a pretty one) I found in Barbes neighbourhood.


I called this model “vestiges” that means “relics” and I think this name is very appropriate because at every time I finished one is like it has lived for a long time yet and it is there, simple but stoic … the same sensation you can have when you used shoes for a long time… they are not perfect but you love them more than the first day… well these scarves are brand new (not the same case) but the material and its character make me think to something old and valuable. Hope you like them and have a great week-end!


More ponchos for this fall!

Time to name my creations! I didn’t realized how difficult and important is to name my products !

In which language (spanish: my mother tongue, english: the universal language, or french: the country I live in) should I do it? Why? What’s the inspiration? and the meaning? Long hours going in circles trying to recover my creativity from the bottom of my ‘cerveaux’ (brain)…

So, now I have a beautiful popurri to show you, but as I don’t want to be boring… I will just start with these two new versions of my creations:

First this poncho.
I considered the “stripes” made in different fibers as a “path, way” and finally I arrived to “route” but as I think is not a teluric and normal poncho, I wanted something as “alternative” and I came to name it “the diverted route“.

In the fall/winter version colors are darker…
the diverted route

The following is the third version of the granny style poncho, this time I used a teal angora/wool fiber to lighten it up. In order to the name I imagined it on a gril walking through the mist and as it’s look is very “filmy” I called it “floating in the mist”…

floating in the mist

Hope you like them and you can see more photos in my shops or my facebook page


Ma boutique en français

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