More ponchos for this fall!

Time to name my creations! I didn’t realized how difficult and important is to name my products !

In which language (spanish: my mother tongue, english: the universal language, or french: the country I live in) should I do it? Why? What’s the inspiration? and the meaning? Long hours going in circles trying to recover my creativity from the bottom of my ‘cerveaux’ (brain)…

So, now I have a beautiful popurri to show you, but as I don’t want to be boring… I will just start with these two new versions of my creations:

First this poncho.
I considered the “stripes” made in different fibers as a “path, way” and finally I arrived to “route” but as I think is not a teluric and normal poncho, I wanted something as “alternative” and I came to name it “the diverted route“.

In the fall/winter version colors are darker…
the diverted route

The following is the third version of the granny style poncho, this time I used a teal angora/wool fiber to lighten it up. In order to the name I imagined it on a gril walking through the mist and as it’s look is very “filmy” I called it “floating in the mist”…

floating in the mist

Hope you like them and you can see more photos in my shops or my facebook page


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