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A step before spring

Good and gray morning…

To put a bit of light to this greyish day I’ll show you the palette suggested by Pantone for next Spring-Summer season..

You can download the .pdf file on their site

Here a resume of the colors…

1. Amparo Blue ( a bit brighter than navy blue)

2. Turquoise (very summer and lovely for the beach)

3. Violet (in a pale version, super chic)

4. Aurora ( a yellow slightly green)

5.Fusion Coral (i think this is goign to be my favorite)

6. Tomato Purée (they suggest to combine it with turquoise to get a retro look and I agree and love the combination!)

7.Pink Champagne (i’ve been using it in my collections and it’s very well accepted)

8. Tuscany ( combined with violet…super cool)

9. Dried herb (one of the neutrals I’ve been also using so far)

10. Eucalyptus (a gray with a touch of green, the other neutral to be worn when we have got enough sun to be proud of our tanned skin:))

So, what do you think about it? Comment and tell me which one do you prefer!!


And just to get a fresh air on this winter… I have made this clutch bag in wild silk (very rusty indeed) mixed with acrylic in the same palette and with little touches of primary colors (that came in the yarn) and until this moment I didn’t have any idea of where to put it…but I think in this bag is perfect and looks great!


Wrapping my creations

Today, driven by the super sale of the week better…of the story of my shops … I thought : it’s time to do something more with the packaging …

I have seen that for the range of products that I sell I cannot offer something standardized, and in fact is not what I want … there are things that are more luxurious,another more rustic, and all of them in different sizes, and  I like combine the colors of the paper with the one of the creation I am sending …

Today for the special occasion, I bought a recycled paper (in the future I would like to do it by myself) and I made a little card …. handmade, of course.

The logo came out of my heart … everyone will interpret it as you want, makes sense to me … and put an internal card with the composition and the care of the garment … which I did always but not this way.

I also added that a garment is made entirely by hand, just in case there is any doubt, or if it’s for a gift … who receives it knows.

This is always accompanied with a letter I personally write and with personal cards.

Hope you like it and let me know if you have some suggestions!!

packaging-anasousa-crear es creer


Free e-books!

e-booksThis link is very cool! and look at the column on the right… you are going to find lots of more sources..


Via: swissmiss


How to organize yourself to finish more projects!

How many times have you found yourself struggling in your projects and frustrated because you can’t finish them?

I’ve found pretty difficult to start and finish one project without wasting time in small things or being stacked sometimes because I don’t receive findings in time or I can’t decide which fabric I’m going to use to line something for example.

So the easier and more effective way I tried was dividing projects into small parts and carrying with four or five at the same time… and lately I decided to write the time I pass in each one to know if this I’m charging is ok or not.

 So at the time I have:

  1. A scarf I finished yesterday in the loom ( I show it at the end of the post) and now I’m thinking about what is going to be next because the loom is free again.
  2. A series of bracelets I have in the vertical loom (work in progress 75% and I must finished today or tomorrow) and then add the findings of course.
  3. A bolero/shrug I am knitting with circular needles (work in progress 70%) maybe for this weekend is finished.
  4. A clutch bag which I finished the fabric (hand-woven in the loom) but I have to dye a fabric and I don’t have a proper pot I’m sure I’m going to find it, but up to this moment I’m thinking of ordering more frames because I really enjoyed to make this bags

So, for example this scarf it took me 10 hours to finish it but I have to say that with my loom it is impossible to weave for more than 2 hours because my back suffers a lot… as a consequence this work was finished in one week* thi s is also great to know if somebody asks you for a custom order… and you can know in how much time you are going to deliver it.

Tell me more about your experiences… it is always useful to know!

Have a great day

 grey hand-woven scarftransparences from my loomecharpe tissée à la main


Etsyday or… #etsyday

Yesterday was the “etsyday”… and the goal was to spread the word all around the globe about what Etsy is… There were lots of actions as sales, discounts and free shippings in lots of shops but also specials treasuries (as the ones I show you here from Etsyinspanish team) for the ocassion… but the “real action”  happened on Twitter.


The idea was to tweet messages with #etsyday and hopefully we could reach being in the topics trends… but the surprise was we made it to the first place!etsyday21


It was amazing because we saw how powerfull a simple message  can be if everyone works as a time it almost at the same time… imagine a lots of artisans,artists, photographers, crafters… behind their computers trying to let the world know about their business… it was BIG!

I think being the first trending topic, at least people who were connected at that time were wondering what Etsy is about…. and that was exactly the point..

Personally I promoted people without a sale (and things I saw in the pounce section of Etsy… but only the ones I liked;)) and I also made a little list with some of their creations on This Next  and I also promoted latin american crafters (searching for locations) and people from Etsyinspanish team… group I belong to. Obvisouly I promoted my handmade store and my vintage store.

It was funny  because at one moment I was on the top trendsetters… so I realized I have never spent so much time behind the computer… but I still thinking it was very collaborative and with a lot of “community” sense.

The best was seing some of the people I was recommended making their first sale and also making a lot of contacts…

Have a nice weekend!

twitter-etsyday1   etsydaytwittertrendsetter



Hi everyone! I was wondering if somebody knows how to add bookmarks to WordPress.
I did some works in my spanish blog and for sure it looks more professional! Here you can see how to add bookmarks in Blogger, but I couldn’t find how to do it in WordPress… so if anyone knows please give me a clue!!


Etsy in Paris

Well this has been a week full of emotions and events, including Wednesday, April 1, Maria Thomas (Etsy CEO) and Liza Wald (Director of International Development of Etsy)  who came to Paris to meet with vendors, clients and friends of Etsy. 
Thanks to Gillian monamivie who opened her husband’s restaurant for us (Petula Cafe) super cute! (If one day you go through there, there is one of his art works decorating the back wall.


Anyway, when I arrived there were already some people and I felt a little panic of having to speak English (long time not speaking it), but then I realized that Paris is Babel, and had people from all over the world … to which all could understand this language without problems …
The meeting was raised in a very informal and fun ambiance and we talked a little about our experience with the site and about our work itself. I am not going to go into details but in particular we all had the feeling of something “huge” and at the same time something we learn daily to deal with.
The main issues raised were working with currency converter, or customers purchasing from Europe could pay in euros (hard to change for now, but promised to review) , putting an option to send EU (European Union), due to shipping costs, because there are different costs:national, EU or America, but if a list I don’t have any option of locking all countries into one category .. . you must list each of them… I have a local rate and one for the rest of the world, although is not entirely accurate, but if not the customer tide, startled and goes …
The highlight were problems with language, because although for now Etsy is highly concentrated in the U.S., if they want to cover Europe, it is difficult for everyone, whether sellers or buyers, understand how it works . This applies both to France, Spain as I imagine it must be for any seller in Italy for example … difficult to implement, at least in the short term, but at least for me, I think we need to embrace a market like this (especially with regard to buyers) … I personally know people who said…I saw your page, but “everything was in English” … we will have to wait, but at least there wasn’t a negative answer…
I think the feeling of all of us was that at least we could have a face to face contact with people who are responsible and listening to all the needs to implement changes. Also I found that they didn’t want to suddenly fly high, but wanted to go step by step, doing things right and that leaves me quiet because I see that they are working for us to have a brilliant future on the platform.
Ok, here I let you know some of the seller I’ve met
To start (LaCometaLab.)   from Madrid,a very nice and talented artist who make some fun brooches and she took  very nice photos of the reunion and you can see them here in her flickr page … http://
TortillaGirl makes very nice clothes and accessories, Matilou ilsutrator: accessories using her drawing work for kids … Lespetiteschoses Felt bags and purses (divine!) Malam Independent designer  Arianelulu accessories KariusdePariuspins very arty! ah .. and I almost forgot, the only man in the room, a super talented Irish ArtyTom painter …
Well, they were all cards that arrived in my hands …
Super positive meeting, and I also realized how much I have served time behind the screen … This is a full time job …creative and marketing …


Ma boutique en français

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