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Hello world!what’s going on?

Here everything is changing and I have some news for you:

First of all, I have decided to centralize my blog on that was the first I started and originally I wrote in spanish (my mother tongue). But after analyzing and taking in count all the time I pass editing pictures and writing in different platforms (shops included) I thought making one post in spanish, english and french in only one blog would be more productive.

So, having said that I invite you to follow all the news and abouts over there. Last week I participated on Etsy Craft Night in Paris and there are lots of things to share (you can also have an update and follow me on Facebook and I also suggesting you lots of things and people to follow on Twitter

On my blogger blog you have also the option to suscribe for posts and receive them directly on you e-mail….

So, thanks for updating the info and see you around!



C’est fini and I loved it!!

Hi everybody! Maybe you are anxious to know who is the winner of my Giveaway!

Before revealing the mystery I want to thanks all of you who have participated so generously!!

I have learnt a lot from you and there were some things I expected to read as “sweet nostalgie” has been the most loved product for example; but I have also discovered that details are important and appreciated by people.

Anyway Ia m not going to bother you with all this stuff…. the winner is Sylvie who lives in Coimbra, Portugal. She is a crafter as well, a bead passionate. She promise me a picture when she receive my “Tango” scarf, her option for the prize.

Thanks a lot and enjoy your weekend!


My first giveaway!

Hi you there! I’m very excited because I’m having my first giveaway!! This is your chance to win an item from my shop absoultely free!

I hope you like the idea and tell everybody to come and take their chance…

Here are the conditions to participate:

1.Take the survey (is obligatory to have the first chance).

2.Publish this giveaway in your blog with a link to my blog (where you can make the survey) /then comment in this post  in order to identify you.

3.Twitt  this giveaway mentioning @anasousa_etsy (so I know who you are).

4. Become a fan of my facebook page and comment on the post so I add one more chance.(if you already are, then comment on the link that I’ll place to recognize you and add the extra chance)

Prize: any of the following products: The snowflake scarf, Palermo SOHO cowl, Rome Antique necklace / Tango scarf. If you don’t like any of them, then you have a voucher of $ 35 to buy on my store (in orders over $70).

Valid from February 15th to March 01st included.

Anyone can participate regardless of your country. The survey is in English, Spanish and French. Once is finished a participant will be chosen at random and communicate by e-mail (so it is important you complete this item on the survey) for sending data. Thank you!


Défilé Yumi Katsura by Ji Haye 2010

I consider myself as a very lucky person…

And in fact yesterday I lived on of the bet moments so far in Paris… almost without thinking about it I was assisting to Yumi Katsura défilé on the Westin Hotel. Invited by a friend who work on the industry I had access to the backstage and I felt as a little girl looking at a very different world… models were almost to go in the catwalk and everthing was ready to start.

I came back to my chair and when the show started  I found myself excruting every little detail on the dresses… the theme was “Enchanted forest” so we could see lots of flowers, butterflies, leaves, textures and colors that gave as a fresh air of nature.

Then again in the backstage, my friend tells Ji Haye (the designer) I was an artisan ( I was shaking as crazy) and she told me: “artisan are never sad, it’s necesary to move your hands to clear your mind”… beautiful words I will have with me for life….


What to wear? II

How is it going after Xmas? Have you eating to dye?

Here everything is really calm, very indeed, and I’m kintting a Mariona bag for a client who ask me to make it to order so, this is going to live in Germany.

As a gift for you, I’ve made a little mix of beautiful items I’ve found browsing the virtual markets where I sell… and this is it.

Have a wonderful sunday!

1. “Pull the mutant” wrap around skirt. El Moco. Berlin, Germany.

2. “Vespa” Retro tasche. mkldesign. Berlin, Germany.

3. Jupe évasée en taffetas beige rosé. Kokoparis. France.

4. Turquoise Chips Pendant. JemmDeeCreations. Cary, NC, USA.

5. The festival tube scarf. anasousa. Paris, France


Challenging collaboration

In october I received an e-mail from Mimo, a girl I met in the Etsy gathering back in April. She asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her in a photo session for an academic work she had to make, and she needed a hat shaped as a pine cone.

She was going to recreate a scene from one of Elsa Beskow’s illustrations.

So, first I was surprised that she had kept my card and trust me to make it… and immediately after that I felt panic (yes!) because I never hade made a hat with this shape… but instead of reacting not taking the risk I assumed that maybe was something I needed to prove myself… making the hat in one month, searching the materials, giving a product having just a brochure of information and pleasing this person who had a need.

So the information I received were these pictures with these lovely people on the woods (that I loved from the very first moment)…

I looked for the material and I sent it to Mimo to have ALWAYS her OK (this point was very important to gain confidence) then, I made the prototype (mini) and again I sent it by e-mail to see if I was right or wrong. It was easy because we understood each other very well and everything was clear.

Then I arrived on time to give her the hat (one day in advance indeed)… and the results was this lovely hat (that is for sale if somebody is interested : euros 70)

Enjoy the results and please click on the picture to see it on detail. Characters were made in scale (as in the illustrations) so if you don’t click you risk of not perceiving the details.

Réalisation: Mimo Havstad
Photographie: Guillaume Sanson
Décor: Jérémy et Aurélia
Réalisation chapeau pomme-de-pin: Anabel Sousa Moss
Mannequin: Pablo


Before and after Xmas…

This article was written by my husband (yes I say it with pride!!!) and I think it deserves to be in many many blogs, so if you consider is worthy… just copy paste! thanks 😉

Sell your unwanted Christmas presents and get cash for the things you really want.
It is estimated that about one in four people in the UK will receive a Christmas present that they don’t really want. So every year there is millions of pounds worth of unwanted gifts lying around cupboards, draws and attics all over the country.
Who can honestly say that they have never received an undesirable gift for Xmas? If you reckon you haven’t, then consider yourself a very lucky person and start playing the lottery!
Try to remember:
The awkwardness of unwrapping a present just to find a pair of Spice Girls musical boxer shorts inside. The false smile, the disappointment. You say “thank you grandma” but you think to yourself “she does realize I’m 42 now”!
The unease and frustration you feel when you receive fuchsia socks with a Buy-One-Get-One-Free sticker on it!
And of course the famous wooly jumper with reindeers and snowflakes on it, that has the power to blind people if they stare at it for too long.
I could go on forever, believe me the list is long: Meat cook book
for vegetarians, nostril hair clipper, Millwall FC season ticket, a book on 1950’s telegraph poles, Bob the builder playstation game
and so on…
Living alone in a dark humid corner of a house is not a fatality for unwanted presents, and they deserve a better life. The world is a big place and there is surely someone out there desperately looking for your Spice Girls boxers.
Selling your unwanted presents can save a lot of space in your house and make you some money for the things you are really into. It also helps the environment in a way because instead of just stacking up tons of belongings, your items can find a second life with somebody who really wants them.
If you are worried about hurting someone’s feeling by selling their gifts, just ask yourself why they didn’t have the decency to take the 2 for 1 sticker off your socks.
The best way to sell Christmas gifts is on the internet, and for more than one reason: You don’t have to leave the house, you get millions of potential buyers that can see your items 24 hours a day all year round,…
A good site to sell your stuff on is PriceMinister
listing items is free & unlimited, your payment is guaranteed and you can also earn £5 pounds each time you invite a friend to join the community.
So wait no more, free your unwanted gifts & start cashing in!


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