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Bilan 2009 and my first SWAP!

Yes! I have made my first SWAP…. with the really nice Lidia of parisbyknit that I have met thanks to ALM. She wanted my Margarita clutch and I absolutely fell in love with their mittens!

The experience was fantastic not only because we have loved the interchange but because is great to meet someone who doesn’t get bored speaking about wool, for example.

Enjoy their mittens and visit her lovely shop!

Et oui, j’ai fait mon premier SWAP… avec une très sympa vendeuse de ALM… Lidia de parisbyknit. Elle voulait ma pochette Margarita et moi, je voulais absolument ses mitaines!

L’expérience fut incroyable, pas seulement parce que on a bien aimé le troc mais aussi parce que faire la connaissance de cette bonne femme m’a rendu heureuse! c’est génial quand on peut parler des laines sans s’ennuyer!

Enfin, voici les belles mitaines de parisbyknit et visitez son magasin virtuel!!


And 2009 is finishing and a new balance is made.

For me was the year were the dreams came true…

When I was a child and somebody asked me what I wanted to be on life I always gave them different kind of answers, that’s why lot of people who knows me says I’m unstable. yeah. And what about of this people who want to make loads of things and not only one? can we? yes, we can (sic).

So, I wanted to be an artists, then a journalist, then I studied international business and finally I made the trip of my life and I decided I would be an artisan (this time for life).

In 2009 I didn’t “work” so, I became all of this in once. An artisan thanks to the threads and needles, a journalist thanks to my blogs, a trader thanks to the virtual markets and globally an artist (even if I don’t feel it at all) 😉

For sure in 2010 I’ll be back to work “formally” but I never ever in my life will abandon this precious treasure I have conquered. Amen.

Have a wonderful 2010!


What to wear? II

How is it going after Xmas? Have you eating to dye?

Here everything is really calm, very indeed, and I’m kintting a Mariona bag for a client who ask me to make it to order so, this is going to live in Germany.

As a gift for you, I’ve made a little mix of beautiful items I’ve found browsing the virtual markets where I sell… and this is it.

Have a wonderful sunday!

1. “Pull the mutant” wrap around skirt. El Moco. Berlin, Germany.

2. “Vespa” Retro tasche. mkldesign. Berlin, Germany.

3. Jupe évasée en taffetas beige rosé. Kokoparis. France.

4. Turquoise Chips Pendant. JemmDeeCreations. Cary, NC, USA.

5. The festival tube scarf. anasousa. Paris, France


Mariona—- the succesful XL knitted bag

The story starts one day when Mariona a very nice spanish girl writes me telling she’s in love with my ‘sac décontracté’ but she wanted a bigger one…and the most surprising is she discovered my through Artesanum a site I discovered when I began to see internet as a possibility because almost all the sites were in english and this platform is in spanish (my mother tongue), so I felt I has to be in.

This month, as well, they have given me the opportunity to be on front-page and is being very good so far.

So, the client just told me she wanted the bag in prune and big… the rest was all my decision. Very challenging and fun!

And seeing its evolution and the results I decided to start with a new era on my shops… bringing lists MADE TO ORDER and completely customizable…

Apparently this idea has pleased a lot of people, because Etsy choose this bag for one of its Etsy Finds, a mailing that reach a vast number of people and permits them to discover “new” creations and artists… for sure a good option to be and expand the universe of fans and clients…  So, you can read the article on The Storque (Etsy’s blog) and choose your Mariona bag on my shop.

I feel happy from the start to the end!

Have a great Xmas and see you soon!


Interviewing Nathalie Tellalian of Les Mégères boutique concept

Hi everyone, ready for Xmas? here in Paris it was copiously snowing until yesterday so is going to be a traditional one 😉

Today I bring an interview with Natallie Tellalian of “Les Mégères” to understand a bit more of indpendant movements and handame spirit on Paris. Read and comment!

Tell us about you…

Parle-nous un peu de toi..

So, I worked on fashion about almost ten years, on international sales administration and production. After thinking a bit, I wanted to make something for myself. Do not have a boss and being free, so I thought to open a shop.

Alors j’ai travaillé dans la mode pendant presque dix ans, du coté de l’administration des ventes à l’international, de la production. Après réflexion, j’ai eu envie de faire quelque chose pour moi-même. Ne plus avoir de patron et pouvoir être libre donc j’ai pensé à ouvrir une boutique.

Why « Les Mégères » what does it mean ?

Pourquoi « Les Mégères » que est-ce que ça veut dire ?

So, why Les Mégères ? Because I wanted a name a bit unusual, out of ordinary and … fun. Les Mégères are ladies a little bit stubborn who speak badly of people; in Greek mythology they were bad and we have given them a role to rescue themselves from their bad actions and become gentler. I thought that was fun, a little gossip… and there are people who ask me who they are? And they come to the shop because they love the name.

Alors, pour quoi Les Mégères ? Parce que je voulais un nom un peu décalé et…  marrant. Les Mégères  sont  des  bonnes femmes un peu acariâtres qui dissent du mal des gens, qui sont un peu mauvaises ; dans la mythologie grecque les Mégères étaient mauvaises et on leur a  attribué un rôle pour qu’elles se rattrapent de leurs mauvaises actions  pour qu’elles puissent  devenir plus gentilles, j’ai trouvé ça marrant, un peu commère… et même les gens se demande qui sont Les Mégères ? Ils viennent parce qu’ils aiment le nom…

Why you have got the idea of having a shop with independent designers?

Pour quoi t’as eu l’idée d’avoir une boutique avec des créateurs indépendants ?

…Because, I wanted to do something useful… I didn’t want to sell products from designers with big companies, shops, etc. I wanted to work with people in difficult situation… unemployed for ex., or the ones who wanted to start making something with their creations, etc. I searched for them and I pushed them to create their societies, brands… let’s say, I didn’t have the need of helping well known brands but the designers who start. It’s important to help those that aren’t in other shops…

Parce que, je voulais faire quelque chose d’utile…. Je ne voulais pas vendre des choses de créateurs qui ont des grosses sociétés, des boutiques etc. je voulais des gens qui sont dans une situation un peu difficile, soit qui sont au chômage ou voudraient se lancer dans leur créations, etc.  Je suis allée les chercher, je les ai un peu poussé  à créer leur société pour certains, leur marque, enfin, je n’ai pas besoin d’aider des marques que sont très connues mais juste des gens qui démarrent … il faut pousser ceux qui sont pas dans les autres boutiques…

What we can see/buy in Les Mégères, what style ? Which universe?

Que est-ce que on peut voir/ acheter dans Les Mégères, quel style ? Quel univers ?

So, it’s a very retro universe, I love the return to traditions with crafts, authentic things, yeah it’s very retro, there is no design and we can find almost everything : furniture, lamps, paintings, clothes for men, women, children, baby, also jewelry, decoration objects, books for adults and children, mirrors… a little bit of everything…Very colorful, a bit of recycling… that’s it.

Alors, c’est un univers assez retro,  moi j’aime le retour à l’ancienne, avec l’artisanat, des choses authentiques , c’est quand même assez retro il n’y a pas de design et on trouve de tout, des meubles, des lampes, des tableaux, des vêtements pour homme, pour femme, pour enfant,  pour bébé, des bijoux, de la déco, des livres pour enfant, des livres pour adulte, des miroirs… un peu de tout, quoi. Plutôt retro très coloré, un peu de récup… voilà.

And why have you chosen this neighborhood, the 12th near the Bastille…

Et pour quoi tu as choisi ce quartier, le 12ème, près de Bastille…

…near Bastille but not in Bastille…in fact I haven’t chosen this neighborhood for its proximity to Bastille but because it is like a town and that was the idea I had in relation with the “come back to the old style shops”…

… près de Bastille mais pas Bastille… en fait je n’ai pas choisi ce quartier pour sa proximité de la Bastille mais parce que c’est un village et justement ça va tout à fait avec mon retour un peu au commerce d’antan …

Yes, because, in the same street we can see another craftsmen’s old shops for example the tapestry-makers…

Oui parce que on peut voir que dans la même rue il y a d’autres magasins d’artisanat, par exemple des tapissiers…

Yes, in this neighborhood there are the tapestry-makers, frame-makers, all of them old shops… and it is like a little town, there’s the cheese-makers, the pores, and besides that,every morning there is a “marché”, it was that what I definitely loved.

Oui, il y a des tapissiers, des encadreurs dans le quartier enfin des vieux magasins… et c’est comme un village, il y a le fromager, le poissonnier, en plus il y a le marché tous les matins, c’est ça qui m’a plut.

And that they are still here… after a long time…

Et qu’ils restent encore là… depuis longtemps…

Yep, they are still here… for example there is a shop on the « place du marché » that sells grains… is the oldest boutique in the area, I don’t know exactly how much time they have been here but for sure it’s a long long time. So, it was that what enchanted me… far away from boulevards and “mass production”…

Oui, ils sont restés …par exemple il y a une boutique sur la place du marché que vends des graines … c’est la plus vieille boutique du quartier, je ne sais pas exactement combien du temps mais ils sont là depuis très très longtemps. Donc c’est ça qui m’a plu… loin des boulevards et des boutiques de « mass production »…

Do you think that responsible consummation, let’s say ecological, can give a new opportunity to our society, encouraging crafters to create and being independents and at the same time offer better quality products in a good price to consumers?

Tu crois que la consommation responsable voir écolo, peut donner une nouvelle opportunité a notre société, d’encourager les artisans à créer et a être indépendants et proposer aux consommateurs des produits de meilleure qualité a un prix accessible ?

You have summarized exactly what I want. For example, I work with some artists who make a lot of recycling so, they reutilize materials… for example this mirror is made with a pneumatic and it’s very green because this rubber would be burnt or buried. So in this case, this recuperation makes this mirror live longer… There are other that revamp fabrics to remake clothes and in my shop for ex. You can buy a handmade “one of a kind” dress for 86 euros   and it is nearly what you pay for a dress in a massive shop but this one nobody is going to have it, not the same, so it is a unique product made for somebody by hand and if this works this person could live out of it. Whilst fashion industry fire people I try to give them an opportunity.

Tu viens de résumer exactement ce que je veux. Moi, par exemple je travaille avec des créateurs qui  font beaucoup de récup donc, ils réutilisent des matières… par exemple le miroir en pneu de vélo qui est très écolo, parce que ce caoutchouc serait enterré ou brulé. Donc là, c’est récupéré et c’est un miroir qui va vivre encore pas mal de temps…. Il y en a d’autres qui récupèrent des tissus pour refaire des vêtements, par exemple une robe unique, fait à la main, chez moi on l’a trouve a 86 euros et c’est a peu près le prix qu’on trouve sur les marques des grandes enseignes et personne n’aurait la même, enfin quelque chose d’unique qui a était fait par quelqu’un a la main et que si ça marche, cette personne pourra vivre de ça. Pendant que les grandes enseignes licencie j’essaie de donner une opportunité à ces gens-là.

And do you think people who have the resources to buy in a shop like yours, not in a mass production shop neither in “haute couture” have in mind this ethic offer?

Et tu crois que les gens qui ont les moyens  d’acheter dans un magasin comme le tien, pas une grande enseigne et pas non plus de la haute couture ont conscience de cette offre « éthique »?

I really don’t know, I think we have lot of work to do to change their mentalities and for people to understand this. But I think people who can buy in big brands could buy in my shop… there are high prices and average as well… I mean, they can… they should start. This shop is for people who don’t want to see loads of people with the same jacket, or the same dress they have bought. If this people have a little bit of ecological- supportive spirit…of return to old days values to make these artisans to live out of they own work this could be great! I think maybe they are not ready yet, but this is starting in this neighborhood and this starts well!

Je ne sais pas, je crois qu’il y a du travail pour que les mentalités changent et les gens comprennent ça. Pour moi les gens qui vont faire leurs shopping dans des grandes enseignes peuvent acheter dans mon magasin… il y a des choses plus chères, moins chères mais ils peuvent… il faut faire la démarche. C’est aussi des gens qui ne veulent pas voir dix personnes avec le même manteau, la même robe qu’ils ont achetés. Si ces personnes qui ont en peu cet esprit un écolo, solidaire… de retourner aux valeurs anciennes pour que les artisans puissent vivre de ça, ça serait super! Je crois qu’ils ne sont  pas encore prêts mais ça commence et dans ce quartier, ça commence bien !

Talking about fashion, it has to be followed or not ?

Parlons de la mode, faut-il suivre les tendances ou pas… ?

It is difficult not to, but I don’t want to set lines to the designers. They have their own style and if I have chosen them it is because I love their style, I don’t want to ask for special colors or tailoring, sizes or whatever. But it’s true that is difficult because customers are going to love a dress and maybe there is no their size available, or maybe the color is not exactly the one they wanted…then in this special cases I try to talk to the designers and ask if they agree to make the same product with the same style, same spirit but in let’s say… tender colors, or bigger, for example… But I never push them if they don’t want to make it, maybe they consider it out of their own style, so in this case I say no to the customer… you see? In general they want, because the actual situation is a bit difficult and they have to eat and live, but I don’t want to force them at all. Sometimes there are some designers, who come to me to offer their products, but it is not the style I’m looking for and they want to change it just to be on the shop… then, I suggest them to continue searching for shops that take their work but never change their creations.

C’est difficile mais je ne veux pas imposer de lignes aux créateurs. Ils ont leurs propre style et si je les ai choisis c’est parce que j’aime leurs style, je ne veux surtout pas faire de demandes précises pour ma boutique dans les couleurs, les coupes, les tailles ou quoi que ce soit. Par contre, c’est vrai, c’est difficile parce-que les clients  vont aimer une robe et il n’y a pas leur taille ou la couleur c’est pas exactement ça qu’ils voulaient… donc dans ce cas j’essaie de voir avec la créatrice, si elle veut bien faire la même robe avec le même style, même esprit mais avec des couleurs plus ternes ou plus grandes, par exemple… mais je n’impose pas et si elle ne veut pas, parce que ça sort de son style alors je dis non a la cliente… tu vois ? En général elles veulent parce que la situation est difficile, il faut aussi manger et vivre, mais en tout cas j’essaie de ne pas du tout forcer la  chose. Parfois il y a des créateurs qui viennent m’offrir leurs produits, mais ce n’est  pas ce que je cherche, et ils veulent changer leurs style pour pouvoir exposer leurs produits dans la boutique… mais je leurs dit qu’ils doivent continuer a faire ce qu’il font et conserver leurs style et de chercher une autre boutique qui prendrait leur travail, mais de pas changer leurs créations.

Is there something would you like to add?

Il y a quelque chose que tu voudrais ajouter ?

Yes, here we also organize events… because is not a «fixed boutique » … it is a place full of cultural and artistic exchange. The 17th of December we have organized a theatric event with the comic Damien Roussineau who is making an adaptation of a novel of Phillipe Jaenada.

Oui,  ici on organise aussi des événements …  parce que en fait c’est ne pas une boutique figée … c’est un lieu d’échange culturel et artistique. Le 17 décembre on a eu un apéro théâtral avec le comédien Damien Roussineau qui est en train d’adapter un roman de Philippe Jaenada,

Besides this all Thursdays the shop is open until 22hs…

This is very interesting because people can buy quietly after work for example…

En plus tous les jeudis c’est ouvert jusqu’à 22 heures …

Ça c’est très intéressent parce que les gens peuvent acheter tranquillement en sortant du travail par exemple…

Oh yeah, they often come with their workmates or friends and we offer in general drinks and appetizers and they can try clothes, or just look around, buy some gifts or just discover the shop, without rushing out.

Ah oui, ils viennent souvent avec des collègues du travail ou des amis et on leur offre en général un petit apéro et ils peuvent tranquillement essayer des vêtements, regarder, faire leurs achats, faire leurs cadeaux ou juste découvrir la boutique…

Thanks Nathalie and good luck with your shop, we love it 😉

Merci Nathalie et bonne chance avec ta boutique, on Adore ; )

Website Les Mégères:

Les Mégères on Facebook:


Challenging collaboration

In october I received an e-mail from Mimo, a girl I met in the Etsy gathering back in April. She asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her in a photo session for an academic work she had to make, and she needed a hat shaped as a pine cone.

She was going to recreate a scene from one of Elsa Beskow’s illustrations.

So, first I was surprised that she had kept my card and trust me to make it… and immediately after that I felt panic (yes!) because I never hade made a hat with this shape… but instead of reacting not taking the risk I assumed that maybe was something I needed to prove myself… making the hat in one month, searching the materials, giving a product having just a brochure of information and pleasing this person who had a need.

So the information I received were these pictures with these lovely people on the woods (that I loved from the very first moment)…

I looked for the material and I sent it to Mimo to have ALWAYS her OK (this point was very important to gain confidence) then, I made the prototype (mini) and again I sent it by e-mail to see if I was right or wrong. It was easy because we understood each other very well and everything was clear.

Then I arrived on time to give her the hat (one day in advance indeed)… and the results was this lovely hat (that is for sale if somebody is interested : euros 70)

Enjoy the results and please click on the picture to see it on detail. Characters were made in scale (as in the illustrations) so if you don’t click you risk of not perceiving the details.

Réalisation: Mimo Havstad
Photographie: Guillaume Sanson
Décor: Jérémy et Aurélia
Réalisation chapeau pomme-de-pin: Anabel Sousa Moss
Mannequin: Pablo


Before and after Xmas…

This article was written by my husband (yes I say it with pride!!!) and I think it deserves to be in many many blogs, so if you consider is worthy… just copy paste! thanks 😉

Sell your unwanted Christmas presents and get cash for the things you really want.
It is estimated that about one in four people in the UK will receive a Christmas present that they don’t really want. So every year there is millions of pounds worth of unwanted gifts lying around cupboards, draws and attics all over the country.
Who can honestly say that they have never received an undesirable gift for Xmas? If you reckon you haven’t, then consider yourself a very lucky person and start playing the lottery!
Try to remember:
The awkwardness of unwrapping a present just to find a pair of Spice Girls musical boxer shorts inside. The false smile, the disappointment. You say “thank you grandma” but you think to yourself “she does realize I’m 42 now”!
The unease and frustration you feel when you receive fuchsia socks with a Buy-One-Get-One-Free sticker on it!
And of course the famous wooly jumper with reindeers and snowflakes on it, that has the power to blind people if they stare at it for too long.
I could go on forever, believe me the list is long: Meat cook book
for vegetarians, nostril hair clipper, Millwall FC season ticket, a book on 1950’s telegraph poles, Bob the builder playstation game
and so on…
Living alone in a dark humid corner of a house is not a fatality for unwanted presents, and they deserve a better life. The world is a big place and there is surely someone out there desperately looking for your Spice Girls boxers.
Selling your unwanted presents can save a lot of space in your house and make you some money for the things you are really into. It also helps the environment in a way because instead of just stacking up tons of belongings, your items can find a second life with somebody who really wants them.
If you are worried about hurting someone’s feeling by selling their gifts, just ask yourself why they didn’t have the decency to take the 2 for 1 sticker off your socks.
The best way to sell Christmas gifts is on the internet, and for more than one reason: You don’t have to leave the house, you get millions of potential buyers that can see your items 24 hours a day all year round,…
A good site to sell your stuff on is PriceMinister
listing items is free & unlimited, your payment is guaranteed and you can also earn £5 pounds each time you invite a friend to join the community.
So wait no more, free your unwanted gifts & start cashing in!


What to wear?

How are you doing out there? I have lot of things to tell you and not a lot of time…

Today I come with a new idea… showing you one of my new creations together with other ones from fella’s from different parts of the world.. because internet brings us together… independently of where we live…

1. Chechille/ Fringed triangle scarf/ anasousa – crear es creer/ Paris, France.

2. Set of 5 Wool Wrapped Stacking Bangles/ mysticfibers/ Turkey.

3. Lilac pleats on Plumb Wristlet/ziazia/ Tijuana, Mexico.


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