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Challenging collaboration

In october I received an e-mail from Mimo, a girl I met in the Etsy gathering back in April. She asked me if I wanted to collaborate with her in a photo session for an academic work she had to make, and she needed a hat shaped as a pine cone.

She was going to recreate a scene from one of Elsa Beskow’s illustrations.

So, first I was surprised that she had kept my card and trust me to make it… and immediately after that I felt panic (yes!) because I never hade made a hat with this shape… but instead of reacting not taking the risk I assumed that maybe was something I needed to prove myself… making the hat in one month, searching the materials, giving a product having just a brochure of information and pleasing this person who had a need.

So the information I received were these pictures with these lovely people on the woods (that I loved from the very first moment)…

I looked for the material and I sent it to Mimo to have ALWAYS her OK (this point was very important to gain confidence) then, I made the prototype (mini) and again I sent it by e-mail to see if I was right or wrong. It was easy because we understood each other very well and everything was clear.

Then I arrived on time to give her the hat (one day in advance indeed)… and the results was this lovely hat (that is for sale if somebody is interested : euros 70)

Enjoy the results and please click on the picture to see it on detail. Characters were made in scale (as in the illustrations) so if you don’t click you risk of not perceiving the details.

Réalisation: Mimo Havstad
Photographie: Guillaume Sanson
Décor: Jérémy et Aurélia
Réalisation chapeau pomme-de-pin: Anabel Sousa Moss
Mannequin: Pablo


Yvon Taillandier

I can say this is going to be like a visual tour by the corners of Paris… living here is a good way to show you a little bit of some other places than the Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower even if I love it as you do… but is like the “off the beaten path” I want to offer you the possibility of having some insights in a city full of art and crazy things…

As I’m not a full time blogger this can happen just today or very often, only the Universe knows… 😉

So yes, the other day walking around with me lovely husband we discover this wall in Rue de L’agent Bailly 9eme arrondissement…

(see the link to have a street view)
Agrandir le plan
…full of great, crazy drawings all around the wall… and happily it was a little piece of wood with the name of the author in a tiny window… “Yvon Taillandier”.

Yvon Taillandier

Parisian, 82 years old and still working, he says he doesn’t like going around very often.

He was the inventor of these characters and use a particular language to call them: eg “capidipedes” are characters without trunk … or “altistes” that lovers have a trunk height to infinity.

Discover a little more from him and the magic of his drawings on his web site:


Google Group: Textil Art

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Reviewing things I've done this year I remembered that when I was in Granada, Spain,I had launched a Google Group to put all information that we found interesting and was intended for people involved with me on a course of Textile Art at "The School of Art of Granada".  
Unfortunately the only person with networking habits was me, therefore almost all files were uploaded by me. So, a couple of days ago I told myself: if this group does not work this way, could be work in another... and I decided to open it for anyone who wants to participate ...  is as simple as sending an e-mail to the group or via this blog (find a link on the right hand side of page) (if this doesn't work you can do it in my spanish blog
I would love to see it developed and with a colaborative sense.The idea is taking this group as our library, archive of interesting images, promotional events and a place where we can add all interesting stuff . If you see all things written in spanish don't panic, it is going to be a multilingual group, and I don't want to discriminate anybody...
I hope you like the idea!

Hello World….

First of all, I have to say that is pretty weird for me to write in English, so probably with the time I’m gonna have some people criticising me because of my mistakes… but anyway I wanted to do it as an excercise and as well to be in contact with some other people who love crafts and work with textiles…

So, I’ve studied in an Art school when I was a teenager, and after that I never ever did something with this aknowledge… I graduated in trade business and then I started a trip for 6 months… Started in my country (Argentina) and followed in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Central America trough Mexico…

In all my way I realized I wanted to do something with my love for art and cultures… and when I returned I began to create some little things and the projects grew in complex ways… up to the latest: woven belts in Mapuche technique, and another Andean techniques as well… I enjoyed very much learning and I wanted to make the following step into this world… become a crafter and doing it for aliving…

So, this is going to be my contribution to all the crafters and I’m gonna show you some of my creations as well…


Ma boutique en français

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