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Interviewing Sebastian Alvarez aka Bastiano



Today we are going to discover another artist.I knew him thanks to Flickr and I found his work very interesting, with great design and very ecological.

Sebastian was born in Mendoza, Argentina (like me), and he’s been living around Europe for the last years. I can say in order to the works I have seen, he is a very versatile artist who has

worked with very different techniques and he has very good taste.

But instead of reading my words, we are going to know more about him in this interview.. enjoy it!

Personal information:



My name is Sebastian, I’m from Mendoza, Argentina. I’m 35 years old (I can’t believe it!) and I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tell us what you do and when did you started?

I’ve been working with notebooks for less than a year. At the beginning I made one for me, then people who know me, began to order some for them and at the same time they suggested me to sell them on Etsy.

What material do you use?

My notebooks are 100% handmade, I don’t have book binding tools so just a cutter, a ruler, glue and an old second hand sewing machine. I never took any lessons, I learnt whilst making them and looking at how books are made. Papers I use are recycled envelopes that I generally pick up from the University of Linköping, Sweden. For white pages I use a paper made of recycled ones. It is very cheap but very good quality.

Naiste Hääl (Women's Voice)
Naiste Hääl (Women’s Voice)

 Have you always worked with recycled materials? What other crafts have you made?

When I was a child I used to make little bags with rest of leather I found in my house because my parents in their”60’s hippie age” made sandals, belts and bags… Then I made bracelets, rings and necklaces with metal… but my major work in crafts yet is stained-glass / vitraux, that I worked on in Argentina, Spain and Estonia for a long time. In Sweden this kind of arts crafts has disappeared and nobody knows it which prevented me to keep working with stained-glass/vitraux.

What are you inspired by?



There are other things that are very inspiring to me as old books and other objects, vintage, and everything we can find in an office at any age. Another very important fact for me is that my notebooks not only look old and used but that when you touch them you can have the same feeling as with an old book

What do you enjoy the most in this activity?

I think is the moment of concentration… for me is like an







interaction between mind, material properties and the skills to achieve an organic concept and this is very pleasant for me. If I don’t reach this point they are never as good as I expected to be.

 What are your future expectations?

Green Edge

Green Edge

What I expect for the future is very simple, being able to be auto-sufficient with my craft work as I once made it thanks to vitraux. 



Etsy shop 

Blog (spanish) 

Indiepublic page

 Photos of my notebooks

 Photos of my vitraux

 Some paintings

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Interviewing Alejandra Arteaga

Today I want to introduce you Alejandra Arteaga a textil artist from Chile. I discover her through Flickr, and I liked a lot the natural style of her accesories. Once I was in contact with her and I had the chance of knowing a little bit more about her I realized her work reflects very well what she thinks. 

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Alejandra Arteaga

Personal Information

My name is Maria Alejandra Arteaga Vega aka Ale

I’m 26 years old

I’m from Chile, I was born in Santiago but nowadays I live in Valparaiso

I studied arts and industrial design.

In my free time I make everything you can see in my Flickr

I made more things but I’m waiting to make a photography session.

When did you started?

Since I was a child I have been taking classes of paint, pottery, 

sculpture, drawing  and I went to the “Escuela de Bellas Artes de 

Viña del Mar” Vina del Mar Art School , I still have some works I made at that age.


In the University of Valparaiso I studied industrial design and I took the option of specialize my work in textiles, fashion, photography and the ecological area. In 2008 the University began an investigation in textile area about natural dying applied to wool. 

We were a group of pupils whom participate and expose our work. We also made some seminars about reutilization in fashion.

What are you inspired by?

I consider myself a very urban person. I love living downtown and being in contact with architecture, art, design and his constant movement and assist to cultural events. The urban movement inspires me for my designs but with an ecological point

textil necklaceof view. I’m concerned about living in a clean city, without garbage… more ecologic.

What do you enjoy the most?

The thing I enjoy the most in my activity is the opportunity of experimenting and exploring constantly…searching for new results and of course, doing beautiful things.The photography is other of my interests and I do it all the time. I always travel around with my camera. This is a work I use as a complement of my designs.

necklaces selection

What are your future plans?

In the short term my expectations are: starting a line of textile jewelry in which I’m working on and in the long term I would like to have my 

own store in downtown promoting ecological design.




Ma boutique en français

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