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Summer crocheted scarves and necklaces

wow, such a difficult mission to sit down in front of the PC in summertime!

but in the other hand I found myself doing lots of accesories in a season I have called of “explosion of creativity”…

looking on my stash I saw a lot of flowers (yes I love them)  and I did these two necklaces… one of them can be used as a headband (I think the other one is more difficult due to the two pom-poms but maybe if you like extravagancies…)

anasousa- crocheted necklaces

Then I also had made these pieces in crochet I wanted to use for  another project, but I thought it was nice to use them as borders for these scarves… and if you see it is the same motif, but they have very different styles.. one of them more romantic and the other one is a very risky one… I didn’t think of please anyone, just to combine colors, and to my surprise people appreciated a lot… and it was on Etsy’s frontpage… oh yeah! 😉

anasousa- scarves

more pictures on my Facebook Page


New Mapuche bijoux collection

Past weekend was a little strange… first of all I missed the event of Knit in Public, due to my insomnia on Saturday…when I woke up it was very late to go, and I was very tired, so sadly I looked on the Internet for another events in Paris and I found this event of independent designers where I found Lygo a cooperative that sells little things made by African people, in their continent… so if you buy something from them is a pure fair trade… I thought I’ve seen them before, and effectively I did it in “A little market” a french platform to sell handmade… if you speak the language go and publish there, is little but friendly..;

So…. I came to present the new line of Mapuche bijoux I’ve made… this time is a more “unisex” one made in contrasting colors and with a little more rough texture that the one before…. here I show you two bracelets, but I have made more rings this time… I’ll show them in the next posts…



Hi!! I’m very glad today because I woke up with a lot of clear ideas and definitions… I always thought about explaining what I do and what I feel about and was very difficult, but today everything is clear and I decided to share it with all of you and also write it as a description of my shop.
And the result was this… what do you think?
Hi and thanks for stopping by at my shop. Here you can see one-of-a-kind handmade garments and accesories knitted, crocheted, weaving and recycled with a very trendy style.

Why this name? ( Crear es creer)I know this is more an english spoken community. But why not to learn a little spanish? Crear es creer means : to create is to believe… which I always thought and love. It’s a message full of hope and is the reason I’m here…

Why handmade? because you buy something unique at a fair price and you benefit straight the artisan

Why natural fibers? I prefer natural fibers because it doesn’t go in a process that pollutes the environment. In the case I use another kind of fiber is just recycled material from larger pieces or donations from people who know me and gave me materials they didn’t use anymore to reuse it in something productive.
In the future I’m planning to spin my own yarns and dye them with natural stuff as onion (yes! I’m keeping safe onion’s skin)

Why here? (online marketplaces) I think about these marketplaces as communities and I like the way all of us interact
So, I know its important to be commercial but I needed to express my ideas as well, and I think is very positive…..


Ma boutique en français

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