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Interviewing Muriel Clemenceau of MuJoyas

Today I start again with the series of interviews I was running… summer is gone, and I have more time to dedicate to my blog.

This year interviews are going to be sligthly different… in a shorter format and I challenged the designers to send me a picture of only one of their creations, one of themselves, one of their studios and one of a place they have loved.

So, I’m going to introduce you Muriel Clemenceau, of Mujoyas a (very young!) argentine designer. I met her in the Etsy in Spanish Team and I admire a lot her work specially this lovely pendant I die for.

Enjoy the interview! (translated by  me)

Where are you from and where do you live?

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What do you create and whit what kind of materials?

I design and make jewelry in 925 sterling silver, I also include in some of them another materials as stones and fabrics but always focusing them on silver.

I love to create pieces that are not only to look at them, also to interact, play and get involved with. My idea is to offer something else than a “beautiful” piece. I currently have two lines that respond to this idea: sliders , where different characters engraved on silver that can “move” over the piece and recreational jewels: they are kind of small games that invite you to play with.

What is your favorite product on your store and why?

Right now my favorite product is the drawer ring, I like the idea of a minimal volume, so simple but yet you’re surprised to discover that there is a “drawer” and that even fits on your finger.

What is your favorite media communication to advertise your products and why?

The first thing I created was a blog, but I also have a Flickr and Twitter account, in addition to the store.I think my blog is a good catalog of my work, I always suggest to people who don’t know my creations to see it there so they have a general idea of what I make. For my shop I use more Flickr and Twitter.


Muriel's favorite place: Upsala Glaciar, El Calafate, Argentina.

Muriel's favorite place: Upsala Glaciar, El Calafate, Argentina.


Interviewing Moira Neilson of Paleolochic

Paleolochic-Moira Neilson

We share a lot of things with Moira, she is part of the Etsy in Spanish Team and also of the European Street Team and once I saw this “Choker for the Godess” I felt in love with the African style of a lot of her creations and I proposed her to make this interview.

Apart of being a Jewelry designer Moira also makes Housewares as Aprons (very sexy, by the way) and Table cozies…

Check out her Website, I specially loved the Philosophy section… 

Let’s know her a little bit more…

Personal Information:



Hello! My name is Moira Neilson and I was born in Canada almost 34 years ago, I grew up and went to school in Argentina; my father is English and my Mum Argentinean.  The past century, in the year 1997 I moved to London and

After five years I’ve decided it was time to put the umbrella away and moved to sunny Barcelona where I am planning to stay until destiny said so…


What kind of craft do you make?

I like everything related to crafts but to keep myself mentally healthy I

Aprons by Paleolochicfocus most of my effort designing fashion accessories and different decoration goodies in fabric.  

When did you start?

Summer Island Bracelet

Summer Island Bracelet

Since I was a little girl I’ve always liked to create with my hands and I was always doing some kind of workshop. When I grew up I studied Graphic Design in Argentina then in London I did a Foundation in Art & Design and I’ve continued doing different workshops in pottery, weaving,etc., all very easy things to do in a flat (ha-ha-ha!!)

What are you inspired by?

The truth is that I’ve get inspired by almost everything, I am very thankful to be able to appreciate beauty in the small things, the everyday life; though I must say my best friend its nature.


Afrika Red and Black Necklace

Afrika Red and Black Necklace

What do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy the freedom, being able to follow my intuition and initiative, I loved to figure out how to develop a project that seems to be very simple but it’s not, it’s like a puzzle, piece by piece…

 What are your future expectations?

I would really love to live of my work and to have a “real shop” with handmade products, not only mines but from fellow artisans from Etsy, Dawanda, etc. That is why I am dedicating a lot of time to the non-creative area of  everything related to marketing, finance, legal aspects, etc. basically the non fun part but essential aspect to carry on a business , Yin and Yang, like life!


Choker for the Godess

Choker for the Godess


Etsy Shop

Dawanda Shop

Web Site Paleolochic

Flickr Photo Albums

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 *I would like to thank Anabel for giving me the opportunity to show a bit of who I am and what I do to all her readers.


Ma boutique en français

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