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Such a good week!

This week I haven’t written so much and this is a sign that I have worked a lot, it’s true, I did.

This poncho is the last one I have done and I can tell you they are very successful… due this is the only one I have in stock! yes! thanks to a beautiful client who bought it at my Dawanda Shop so now the poncho is travelling to Germany!!

I’m discovering the great experience of designing something and making it in lots of colors… it is never the same and a simple change can be turned into an absolutely different style. I have found this essential to make something more practical in my collections without loosing the “one of a kind” touch.

Ponchomore pictures in my facebook page

This week Eleni, from Mod3rnArt proposed me to publish photos of the space where I create, ok, we can call it studio… but it is such an small one!!! She featured it on her blog, surrounded by great creators all of them part of the Etsy community…

Finally and almost miraculously… I have been three times in the Etsy Frontpage!!! yey! such a warm sensation… so I have open a folder in my Flickr to save them and every time I feel blue I can realize there are people who like my creations 🙂


My baskets in Etsy’s frontpage!!!

wowowow I’m so happy!! my baskets were in Etsy’s frontpage yesterday……….. and they looked awesome!

etsy fronptage 14 april



Yesterday I had one of those days everything is gray …almost black and I just wanted to sleep, I thought, why not? I stoped everything I was doing and I slept a couple hours …
When I woke up and checked my shops… to my surprise I find that some products had increased from 40 to 260 in views! and there were many more favorites! I entered the forum to see if there was something wrong, then I realized that I had appeared on the frontpage and I had missed it!

So, I started to look desperatly to know how and where to find it (it’s a nice sensation for ego) … and I learned that Flickr has a group (Etsy Frontpagers) that is dedicated to upload them … All thanks to femmedetails ( who made a beautiful treasury and was released on the first page, thanks for including my handwoven scarf!



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