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Should I say month’s news?

Oh my! I can’t believe this month has passed so fast! There are only 33 days to Xmas!

November has been a bit silly… my parcel of yarns never arrived from England, they went back and we have some misunderstandings with the supplier so… uffff I had to look for new ones, organize myself to continue producing with almost nothing and here we are, I have found a new provider who has amazing fibers and you’ll see the results in next posts. Finally I’m glad … once again like yin and yang every negative contains a positive part.

Now the two new finished products are my lovely “Margarita” clutch bag knitted in a vibrant yellow-corn-mustard. I imagined it as a complement for a grey garment (to be the center of attention) or a light blue one (for a very retro look).

As I’m making a new vest (as the one I’ve made in white-cream some months ago) this time in a colorful palette… I was inspired to make this necklace I called “Spiral joy” and is obvious when you look at it, and you perceive the joy and good energy spreading all around…

Finally I’m having a SALE on my Etsy shop, my A little market shop and I’m going to participate on Dawanda Advent Calendar from 24th November to 17th December offering a 12% discount in all my products… so, good shopping!


Recycled necklace and a summery-like bolero

As I told you I had a very productive week and today I show you two of my creations in one.. ūüėČ

First a bolero I have made for the fall season and I loved it so much that I decided to repeat it… but the new verVanilla bolerosion is in cotton… and in a beatiful vanilla color…

I like the feminine style of it…

Fresh and very wearable, it can be used in almost every situation… because is elegant and casual at the same time…

Then, the other creation is a challenge for me… I absolutely love vintage buttons and every time I go to a flea market I die for them… espcially the big ones…

These are a group that Estela, a friend who lives in Buenos Aires gave it to me before I left Argentina, and I have kept them for a long time waiting for “the idea” of what to do with them… and today I found the shape very simmilar to a shell, so I have made a necklace… it was very strange because at first I found it weird, and little by little is like he is speaking to me, and I like it more and more…possibly because I had to think a lot about to respect the shape and give a good shape to the object…. and after hours of working I just couldn’t keep looking at it… but when I made the photos… I rediscover it and I loved the fact of give him “life” … rescuing buttons from a box…. so,now I’m a big fan of this project and I have bought a lot from Ebay, and today I receive them…. I was absoultely delighted to see all these colors and shapes… I hope to make some interesting things with them…



Thinking about summer…

I’ve made a line of “bijoux” for summer with organic fibers and recycled vintage buttons and rest of leather I had from other projects.

Today I show you the first one. All of them have slightly different styles due to I decided the design in order to the materials I’m working with.

DSCN9432More photos in my facebook page


Interviewing Constanza Fuentes of Alas del Sur

Constanza Fuentes Alasdelsur3

Today we are going to know an argentinian artist who lives in New York City and apart from being an architect she creates this beautiful necklaces you are going to see and other accesories you can see in her store.

The first time I saw her work I inmediately thought about the video I published a while ago about Mathematics, Nature and Crochet from Margaret Wertheim, and after I red the answers Constanza sent to me I discovered she assisted to the event.  It was very inspiring for her and her handmade creations are full of movement and harmony.

Now I let you know a bit more in this interview…

Personal information:




¬†My name is Constanza Fuentes I was born in Tucuman, a city located in northern Argentina … a beautiful city! I spent all my childhood, youth and more there with people I love and miss a lot. In 2005 I married Willy, also from Tucum√°n, and we moved to United States, the reason? … Study…. Texas was first and then New York where we live now … 3 very different places that influenced a lot in me and keep doing it.¬†



What do you do exactly? Tell us a little bit more about your business

Constanza Fuentes Alasdelsur1 My business is split between the architecture and my new venture: the design of knitted accessory. 
I am an architect working in a studio in Manhattan that designs oceanfront homes, modern architecture, but with a touch of traditional … like my accessories, I love the mix of the modern, the simple, but polished but with the coziness of the traditional.¬†¬†
As for my line of accessories the main techniques are crochet and knitting, the materials I use are fiber yarn, wool or cotton strips, the idea is to create movement, play with textures, I love to investigate how to combine materials, shapes and volumes. 
At the moment I’m working on move my line of accessories to the next step, creating a whole world around it ‚Ķ the brand name is NARCIZO and you can find in¬†¬†in July 2009. For now you can access my accessories through my local Etsy¬†¬†

How did you to start? Why?

After a few months in NY was eager to resume what had been shelved for one reason or another, I always liked knitting and sewing … but nothing serious, there was always something more important to do, I never took the time and I didn‚Äôtalasdelsur¬†give it the seriousness that perhaps it deserved. I attended a lecture/workshop at NYU¬†The hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project¬†Amazing! Highly recommended! A woolly celebration of the intersection of geometry and handicraft, and a testimony of the disappearing wonders of the marine world.

This was my first contact with the craft from a completely different; that was the great start. I began to attend various lectures, exhibitions, workshops… one of the last was¬†The public-art installation organized by Knitter Please” … in Brooklyn.¬†
I began to realize that knitting is an activity that only produces utilitarian objects such as sweaters, but also it’s considerer as a way of producing art.¬†
In the middle of this flow of motivation, I started creating my necklaces that are a synthesis of all the images that my mind creates. After each conference I would come out full of energy and ideas believing I can achieve everything I propose.

What does inspire you?

Three Golds Necklace

Three Golds Necklace

In everything that surrounds me … I love cities, I love to walk, I enjoy it, I love to sit at a caf√© on the sidewalk and observe, observe and analyze! Not necessarily have to be nice things; there are times that even the ugliest thing can inspire me, it just must have something to do that click in my head and suddenly all the ideas flow. New York is special for that, I really enjoy this city, after an afternoon walking around I would came back to my house with lot things inside me.


what do you enjoy most of this activity?

The process to achieve the final product and know that a person wearing a necklace made by me will enjoy it as much as I did while I was creating it. And I also love that my design can reach all parts of the world, even to places where I never thought; that is wonderful!

What expectations you have for the future?

¬†Obviously I would love to go even further! I love my art to grow and expand but always with a scale at which I feelDorado3-03comfortable and confident that my creations will keep my personal touch which I care a lot, I am very demanding with myself and with the objects I design …I would never offer something I would not wear.¬†


1.”The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project”:

2.”The public-art installation organized by Knitta Please”en Brooklyn:¬†

3. Etsy Store:

4. Upcoming store:

5. Flickr:

6. Blogs alemanes que muestran mis dise√Īos:¬†


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