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More ponchos for this fall!

Time to name my creations! I didn’t realized how difficult and important is to name my products !

In which language (spanish: my mother tongue, english: the universal language, or french: the country I live in) should I do it? Why? What’s the inspiration? and the meaning? Long hours going in circles trying to recover my creativity from the bottom of my ‘cerveaux’ (brain)…

So, now I have a beautiful popurri to show you, but as I don’t want to be boring… I will just start with these two new versions of my creations:

First this poncho.
I considered the “stripes” made in different fibers as a “path, way” and finally I arrived to “route” but as I think is not a teluric and normal poncho, I wanted something as “alternative” and I came to name it “the diverted route“.

In the fall/winter version colors are darker…
the diverted route

The following is the third version of the granny style poncho, this time I used a teal angora/wool fiber to lighten it up. In order to the name I imagined it on a gril walking through the mist and as it’s look is very “filmy” I called it “floating in the mist”…

floating in the mist

Hope you like them and you can see more photos in my shops or my facebook page


Rustic body, soft in essence

Today I’ll show you two finished products…

One of them is a revisited poncho of this one but in pastels colors and not fringes.  You’ll tell me which version you prefer. Both of them are made with the same motif and concept rustic wool as the main ones and softer delicate ones in the interior…

  Poncho granny style

And followinf with the rustic concept and suave feeling I’m going to show you this scarf I made for a friend that has helped us a lot since we are in France, so Benoît is the new owner of this echarpe that I see more and more as a disctintive piece in my shops and a unisex option with a lot of personality.

Unisex scarf


Another poncho made to order

I’m loving more and more doing special orders…. first because they are all customers coming back, and afterwrads because they know what they want…

I worked with cotton and fantasy yarns, and even cotton seems to be more for summer, this in particular gave me all the sensation of being in winter (and also the weather in Paris, but this is another story…)

So if you are fancy a beautiful and original garment you know that you can have your original one… it took me 10 days to have the yarns, knitting it and sell it…

anasousa-trendy poncho


Such a good week!

This week I haven’t written so much and this is a sign that I have worked a lot, it’s true, I did.

This poncho is the last one I have done and I can tell you they are very successful… due this is the only one I have in stock! yes! thanks to a beautiful client who bought it at my Dawanda Shop so now the poncho is travelling to Germany!!

I’m discovering the great experience of designing something and making it in lots of colors… it is never the same and a simple change can be turned into an absolutely different style. I have found this essential to make something more practical in my collections without loosing the “one of a kind” touch.

Ponchomore pictures in my facebook page

This week Eleni, from Mod3rnArt proposed me to publish photos of the space where I create, ok, we can call it studio… but it is such an small one!!! She featured it on her blog, surrounded by great creators all of them part of the Etsy community…

Finally and almost miraculously… I have been three times in the Etsy Frontpage!!! yey! such a warm sensation… so I have open a folder in my Flickr to save them and every time I feel blue I can realize there are people who like my creations 🙂


A funky poncho

I loved the idea of making a collection of ponchos with different styles for this summer and once I had them finished I realized that it can be a good garment for any season… it depends with what other clothes you combine it…
So this is made in a vivid pink cotton that reminds me a “framboise ice-cream” and I mixed it with other fibers, I think is really trendy… isn’t it?

more pictures in my facebook page


A custom poncho

This is the first time I make something to order and in a virtual way… and I have to say I’m overwhelmed with the experience!

A client who bought a bag from my shop at Dawanda last year ordered this poncho she saw I had sold out two months ago.

It was great not only because I love when a client come back, but also I love when they know what they want.

So… I bought the yarns and they arrived really fast from England. I started to work after she approved the colors (I sent two options and she could choose) and she decided the palest ones (I agree this is a beautiful combination…) pale green cotton, lilac ribbon bamboo and a crazy yarn full of texture and colors… lovely!

So, here it is… and now the poncho is going to live in Austria… thanks to this kind customer 🙂



Mini poncho granny style

Finally I get finished the mini poncho, and although I intended to make a Shawl at first, I found a lot more fun and young, a poncho for spring with such a vivid colors!

It is made with pure cotton (green kaki) and macramé yarn (red coral) in crochet with very fine needles.
Hope you like it! 😉mini poncho


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