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I apologize to those who were awaiting the second part of the post tags, but I was very excited with all the Etsy frontpage story and I missed it a little bit…

Now I tell you all the do’s and don’ts

Dawanda case: I start with this site because it is the most familiar and easiest to explain in this issue. When you list a product you have to write the title (a random one , or you can describe what you sell in a short title, eg “scarf unisex” or you put a name ..; say” Inland” for example) be imaginative in this case, people want to see what inspires you… I sometimes do it, sometimes not.

The category is placed just before the title and also has subcategories, this is pre-recorded.

Then you can list the material which you have made it, the technic and the tags in this case are free (you can put as many as you want).

After this you are going to see a form where you can fill the features (more tags)with things like material, style and even if you could made it with another characteristics (eg color, shape, material)

Etsy Case: This case is somewhat more complicated and you have to take in account that the order in which you list tags are going to be crucial in order to appear in categories, for me it is very ambiguous and I’ve noticed that sometimes knitted stuff are better within its category knitting or crochet, and not within what I list, for example I listed a purse made in crochet and as I listed it in bags & purses I never found it in the searches, so everything in its place but for this reason when you are listing you have to be really cautious… I will say “try and see” and if nothing happens change categories and tags; you can do it whenever you want … another really important thing is you can only write down 14 tags here, so think about it very carefully

If you do not have many ideas after all, this is a great place
in the search bar put the word you want to view related tags and will bring more synonyms and antonyms and that helps a lot

Well, hopefully this has helped you to understand a little more. Ask what you want this has taken me long to discover these things so that’s why I share them with you because sometimes you lose a lot of time and opportunities!


Tags… what?

I continue with the good tips for those who want to sell on the net and want to be noticed

When we list products, in addition to a good description of what we are selling it’s very recommendable to write all about we are perceiving and a photo can’t express: textures , quality and sensations. All you write is going to be used bby people who want to buy this items and write specific words to find them in such an enormous offer.

unisex scarf


1. the obvious, what is it? scarf
2. For whom? unisex, man
3. What color? Ochre, beige (put anything that comes close too, sometimes people look for things and find something that is not exactly what they wanted)
4.Technique? weaving, handwoven
5. Material? silk and wool
6. Occasion? birthday gift, holiday etc..
7. Style? rustic, casual, informal, etc.

Here are some parameters, you have to think for all your products one by one … it is a lot of work, but worth it …
In the next post I tell you how does it work in the marketplaces I belong…


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