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As is the end of the winter, or it seems to be…; because here in Paris is as cold as ever…
I’m doing a SALE of some items in my Etsy Shop.
Eberything I do is unique but also is something that for sure you could use in further seasons…
Take a look and tell me what do you think……

sleepersnecklace in alpaca


Waiting for the sun…

As I make several projects at the same time, I try to share my energy and if I’m doing something that requires all my attention, the other one it might be something relaxed… 

Meanwhile I was working in my handwoven scarf, I decided to make a poncho, very fun in colours and in the process. It’s simply knitted but all the fun is in colours combinations…

The material I used was pure cotton in a pale green and I combined it with lilac ribbon and a crazy and very colorful yarn, that goes really nice with the two others…

detailed colour combinationponcho


Unisex scarf!!

I’m so delighted with the loom! I think my corcheting and knitting staff are going to be delayed a little bit!!
To make this scarf I started with a difficult task, using very fine silk and wool threads I bought from a site in UK and I took the risk but the results were more than I expected…
A very good gift either for men or women!scarf


The light box…

Looking for suggestions about how to improve my virtual shop I found a very good tutorial it’s amazing how with this simple box you can make all your pictures look professional!

mobile cozy case

And if you prefer instructions in a video…………



I’m doing a shawl in a loom and I’m fascinated with the experience… I think I’m going to publish pictures in my shop of the process so people can realize how much time could take to make it and the special carefully you have to be with such a fine threads!

free style weaving


Treasuries in Etsy

As some people know, I have an Etsy shop I’ve set up some years ago, but recently I’ve  seriously  started trying to push my  sells  … One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to participate actively in all the promotion process, so one of my suggestions is to sign up in the groups you think are representative for you.

As an example I’m actually in Etsy in Spanish (my mother tongue), Etsy Fast (fiber arts) and European Etsy teams (I live in Paris)…so, these are so far the ones I have chosen but I’ll continue searching for other opportunities…

One of the Etsy in Spanish’s conditions is to make a “Treasury” from the members of the group, so I’ve chosen as favorites most of the ones I like and I’m waiting to properly publish it, which is kind of a “mission impossible” because the section “Treasury” is always packed. 

Amazingly I found myself  in one of them, and I was absoultely delighted to see one of my products in there, it’s a pitty that this poncho I’ve sold it in another website, but at least is good for promotion, contacts and future results… isn’t it?



Capelet in alpaca



Cargado originalmente por Crear es creer

It was difficult to define what was this design I made… but is a kinf of bolero/capelet entirely crocheted and embelished with flowers all around… simple and romantic, easily wereable and warm…


Ma boutique en français

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